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Frustrated by a glut of conservative and uninspired home design, the owner of 6 Rose Street was determined to push the envelope. The result is now one of the most talked about properties in Sandringham, built using environmentally sustainable rammed-earth construction, strong, bold lines, and a passion for creativity and originality.

Inspired by the organic nature of the home’s earthen walls, the property makes lavish use of beautiful natural timbers. With advice from the window-and-door experts at Jag Windows –  the owner/builder, Grab Developments, also flooded the property with natural light. Using floor to ceiling expanses of glass that seamlessly blend into the structure, the home maintains an unbroken connection to the outside world.

The single-storey building features a deck-style corridor that stretches from the front door all the way to the backyard pool. In addition, the design includes an open-plan, ‘hearth’ living area with contemporary fireplace and kids’ zone that allows for all occupants to have a space of their own, no matter what their age. Every detail has received meticulous attention, from the inclusion of handy umbrella holes near the pool to a clothes-drying cupboard powered by natural light.

The owner’s ultimate aim was to design, build and settle into a contemporary family home that stands out from the crowd – and to never have to move again. Drawing on his many years of property experience, he has indeed managed to create something utterly unique. This building is a testament to what can be achieved when you think outside the square.


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