At AWS we are not just a metal supplier, we are a full service business partner, supporting window manufacturing businesses throughout Australia

Architectural Window Systems (AWS) Australia, in collaboration with Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) New Zealand, represents Australasia’s largest group of aluminium window and door system designers. Our continued vision is to remain the primary innovating component within the Australasian aluminium window and door industry.­­­­­­

As such, we are committed to continued excellence in design and product innovation. We strive to ensure we maintain our reputation as leaders in the development and supply of high performance and energy efficient aluminium window and door systems.

It is our aim to continually design and supply aluminium window and door systems that exceed industry aspirations in the areas of thermal efficiency, sustainability and operational performance.

As we look to the future, we are focused on ensuring the AWS supply model continues to deliver an astonishing array of support to our strong 130, national fabricator network. We will continue to develop and deliver efficiencies to our fabricators in the key areas of manufacturing, plant layout, tooling development, costing and manufacturing software.

We take pride in the partnerships we form with these dynamic businesses and will continue to assist and support them in maintaining market leading showrooms, customer focused business strategies and in achieving maximum operational efficiencies.

We recognise the importance of fostering relationships with industry partners and value their position as an educational body. We will continue to nurture these relationships and undertake collaborative projects to ensure we remain at the forefront of aluminium window and door systems supply and development within Australia.