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I love using as much glass as I can get my hands on

Robert Davidov


Prior to renovation, these two townhouses were original Spanish mission style homes. When Architect Robert Davidov was given the task of designing the renovations for these two homes, his main priorities were to bring in some of the fixtures and form of the previous site into the new buildings and to utilise high performance, energy efficient products.

Located in Melbourne, the homes required a 6 star rating for energy efficiency. Whilst designing, Robert realised glazing was a key factor to ensuring the homes met strict performance ratings. The very long western elevation of the homes meant that it was going to be difficult to implement large spans of windows and doors into the townhouses.

Robert worked closely with local aluminium window and door manufacturer Regency Windows to ensure his design wasn’t compromised. By utilising awnings and external screens over western facing windows and doors, Robert was able to meet the performance requirements needed for a 6 star rating in energy efficiency whilst incorporating large aluminium windows and doors throughout the homes.

As many of the bedrooms faced west in the home, a solution was required to ensure energy efficiency whilst allowing maximum light and ventilation into the bedrooms. A very large decorative cut screen was incorporated into the building which covers the majority of the western windows and also allowed for the Spanish mission style to seep through the design of the façade.

Robert required a glazing system that was high performance, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The Elevate™ Aluminium system allowed him high quality design consistency throughout the homes. The square profiles and clean edges ensured that the windows and doors matched the clean edged design of the homes.

Regency Windows provided custom window and door solutions that gave Robert complete design flexibility. Included in the designs were 3 metre high by 1.5 metre wide sliding doors brought to life by the the Elevate system.

Similarly, the design contained two windows which met in a corner and had no structural support. Robert didn’t want to fill this in with any unsightly beams that detracted from the clean look of the homes. Regency Windows worked closely with Robert on this to ensure a custom designed and manufactured solution that did not require trims or a structural beam in the middle. The living room is now able to open up and extend almost completely into the courtyard.

Robert required a unique style for the front door of both of the townhouses. The design specified a side light and a glazed front door. With the help of Regency Windows, these doors were able to be manufactured and installed perfectly square without the need for any trims, which enabled the clean line design of the homes to be incorporated into the front door to make a good first impression.

Regency Windows, in conjunction with the Elevate™ Aluminium range of aluminium windows and doors, provided solutions to ensure all of Robert’s design features were able to be achieved whilst meeting all necessary performance, structural and aesthetic requirements.

I love using as much glass as I can get my hands on

Robert Davidov


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