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AWS Anodised Finish Specification & Maintenance

Anodised Finish Specification & Maintenance

Anodising provides a durable natural finish for aluminium windows and doors, understand how to correctly specify and maintain anodised finishes.

Anodising is an electro-chemical process used to create a protective film of aluminium oxide on the surface of an aluminium extrusion. An anodised finish is integral to the aluminium itself. Anodising is translucent giving the aluminium a deep metallic lustre it extremely durable and well suited to architectural applications.

When specifying an anodised finish or aluminium windows and doors it is important to consider the atmospheric conditions the end product will be subjected to. AS1231-2000 is the Australian Standard for Aluminium and Aluminium alloys-Anodic oxidation coatings and sets out recommendations for anodising thickness and cleaning intervals based on atmospheric conditions. When subjected to particulalrly hot dry atmospheric conditions Anodised finishes may be temporarily impacted by crazing.

Typical Anodised Finish Colours

AWS can provide anodised finish colours to suit your specification, below are some of the more common anodised finish colours


AWS provides a helpful whitepaper which explains the importance or atmospheric conditions on the correct specification and maintenance of anodised window and door systems. In addition the flow chart below is designed to assist you with the selection and specification of anodised finishes for your project.

anodising flow chart

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