Architecturally inspired systems for superior style and performance

AWS offers easy to use Revit Families and an innovative ArchiCAD Smart Window Tool for use in your projects.


The AWS ArchiCAD® Smart Window tool gives you great design flexibility to help you select and configure AWS systems for use in your projects. Incorporating a user friendly series selection window you can easily select AWS systems from the Vantage®, Elevate or ThermalHEART® range. If you are unfamiliar with AWS systems the criteria page is a helpful resource in ensuring you select compatible systems for your project. Individual configurations, panel arrangements and sizes can all be easily and quickly adjusted enabling you to customise windows and doors to suit the specific requirements of your project. For a detailed overview of the AWS ArchiCAD® Smart window tool watch our tutorial video.


Visit the Downloads page and filter file type by ArchiCAD® to access the AWS Smart Window Tool - download it once from any product and you will have access within ArchiCAD® to all our framing systems.

How to install and run the tool.
Open ArchiCAD*, go to FILE > Libraries and Objects > library manager > click the add button up the top of the library manager palette when it appears and then locate the AWS Smart Window Tool file. Then click ok. Now that the library is loaded, you can access the objects through ArchiCAD’s window tool in the toolbar on the left hand side.

*Minimum software requirements: ArchiCAD Version 14 


AWS Revit® Families

The all new AWS Revit® families have been rebuilt from the ground up to maximise usability user-friendliness and performance, there is now just one single 3D Revit® family for each series which can accommodate all standard configurations of the particular series. For your convenience we have created type catalogues to allow you to quickly load the desired particular configuration into your project. The new families give you great flexibility over size, configuration, colour and view settings and are accompanied by a full range of 2D files for fine project detailing. For a detailed overview of the all new AWS Revit® families watch our tutorial video.


Visit the Downloads page and filter file type by Revit® to access AWS Revit® families


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