Architecturally inspired systems for superior style and performance

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an excellent window choice, offering maximum ventilation and the opportunity to maximise views. We offer a range of user friendly options for your aluminium sliding windows.

Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold windows are a popular and versatile window for many applications. With a wide opening to maximise views and airflow, bi-fold windows play a wonderful role in opening the inside to the outside. Our range of stylish aluminium bi-fold windows deliver an expansive feeling to the home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows lend elegance to all traditional or contemporary homes. Cassic style with the functional benefits of aluminium, double hung windows deliver excellent ventilation.

Awning / Casement Windows

A popular choice for homes and commercial building alike our Elevate™ Awning and Casement window range incorporates a wide variety of suites and operators including manual winders, electronic winders stays and latches.

Fixed Windows

Sometimes all you need is to frame the perfect view! Fixed windows are an excellent window to compliment others within your home. Vantage fixed windows can be made using the same window profiles as our awning and casement window range to give you a consistent look and feel throuhgout your home.

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows allow you a greater flow of air than any other window when fully open. The air flow is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvres, or in large openings by closing some blades and leaving others open. Consider louvre windows for breezeways or to allow natural cooling by air flow through a home.

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