Bendigo Library

Bendigo LibraryAcme1 Windows & Doors ensure the renovated Bendigo Library makes a dramatic impact on local community.

The Bendigo Library was originally built in 1983. The complex had serviced the local community in its two storey structure for over 30 years and was a well-known complex within Bendigo.

As of late, the building has become dated and was poorly integrated with the adjoining car park and streets. The building required a renovation and upgrade to its facilities, whilst maintaining its reference to the adjacent Town Hall as well as some key historical features.

MGS Architects won the tender for the site’s redevelopment, and started the project by working with the spatial elements they already had in the existing building. The architects took visual cues from nearby buildings as well as the current site for design inspiration. MGS Architects were required to ensure the heritage of the building was somewhat maintained.

The redevelopment included ensuring the new site was enticing to the local community and enhanced the interplay of light throughout the building. The building was to be light-filled and inspirational, with the aim of encouraging creativity and productivity in the community.

The building is transparent with large glass panes and windows and doors throughout, enabling visual connections to the park and Bendigo community. The project required a high quality window and door system that allowed for large span glazing whilst remaining durable.

Local aluminium window and door manufacturers ACME1 Windows and Doors were chosen to complete the extensive glazing for this project. ACME1 assisted MGS Architects and the builders to decide upon the perfect window and door system for this refurbishment.

The Elevate™ Aluminium Joinery range of aluminium windows and doors was used for this project due to its durability and flexibility. The Elevate™ range is custom made, ensuring the architects received the perfect glazing solution for their unique design.

Series 626 Double Glazed, Front Glazed framing is used to frame the external glazing that surrounds the building. This commercial framing alongside double glazing has ensured minimal artificial heating and cooling in this extreme weather climate. Series 400 Single Glazed, Centre Glazed framing is used for internal glazed floor to ceiling windows and doors.

Since the upgrade, over 55,000 people have passed through the library each month, which is an increase of over 25 per cent. With renewed links to Town Hall and the retail precinct of Bendigo, the library has become a new place for the exchange of ideas and interaction within the community. 

Fabricator: Acme 1 Windows Doors

Architect: MGS Architects

Photographer: Glenn Hester

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