Wright House

Wright House

A beautiful family home that has all the neighbours talking

Wright is the first of 13 suburbs to be built in the ACT’s beautiful Molonglo Valley. As you might expect, much of the new development is liberally dotted with stock-standard project homes. But when Jarrad Needham of Ajar Workshop decided to put down roots in the area, all that was about to change.

“I’m an architecture graduate, my wife and I were the clients, so we were designing for ourselves,” says Jarrad. “We didn’t really set about trying to design something different. It’s just how it happened…When we were building, we had a lot of people stop and enquire whether we were building a gallery. They actually knocked on the door and wondered when an exhibition was on!”

The local building code strictly dictated the size of the small three-bedroom home’s envelope but it’s what the couple have done within those restrictions that is so appealing. In a case of literally thinking outside the box, the family chose to explore the beauty and unrealised potential of everyday building materials, like plywood and plasterboard. Together, they create a blissful harmony of down-to-earth, natural tones, punctuated by warm expanses of white.

With efficiency and sustainability being two of the family’s main goals, the right window and door systems were also imperative to ensuring the home met the highest environmental standards and delivered optimal airflow. In consultation with fabricators, Monaro Windows, AWS Series 50 Hinged Doors and Series 463 Double Hung Windows were chosen for use throughout much of the dwelling. In addition, AWS Series 618 Sliding Doors were chosen for a seamless floor-level transition from inside to outside, and to achieve the required height and width of glass.

The result is a stunning home which boasts a seven-star energy rating, no need for noisy reverse-cycle air conditioners, easy interior temperature control even in the height of summer and – without doubt – more than one envious neighbour!


Fabricator: Monaro Windows P/L

Building Designer: Jarrad Needham, Ajar Workshop.