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Commercial Stacking Sliding Door (100mm Framing)

Commercial Series | Series 442

Commercial Stacking Sliding Door

Commercial Stacking Sliding Door (100mm Framing)

In the market for the perfect door for your extra-wide building entrance? This amazing, commercial-grade stacking sliding door delivers strength, security and beauty – all in one.

  • Two and three-panel configurations optimise your view.
  • Available with a 90° corner opening configuration for uninterrupted transition to the great outdoors.
  • High-performance rollers mean you can look forward to smooth, quiet operation.
  • These sliding doors comply with Australian air-conditioning standards to achieve better energy performance and comfort.
  • Tested for water resistance to 450Pa so they’re suitable for use in all Australian environments.
  • Compatible with external sliding fly screen doors to keep those creepy crawlies at bay all year round.
*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* 2700mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1350mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • 102mm commercial framing to accept 26mm thick door panels.
  • Available in a wide range of 2 and 3 panel configurations including corner opening.
  • Panels accept a variety of glass thickness from 4mm to 20mm IGUs. Dedicated sash rail and stiles for 8.38mm, 10.38mm laminated, and 16mm IGUs.
  • Compatible with all CentreGLAZE™ and FrontGLAZE™ framing.
  • Complies with the air-conditioning requirements of relevant Australian standards.
  • Tested to 450Pa water resistance.
  • Compatible with external sliding flydoors.
  • Can be configured as XF, FX, FXF, XFF, FFX, FXXF, XXF, FXX or FXXXXF
  • No visible drain holes when viewed from the inside.
  • Ideal for applications requiring competitive priced sliding doors with standard moderate panel sizes.

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